About Us

MIMA Gida is established in Istanbul. In the first years, MIMA provided raw/roasted unshelled peanuts to chocolate companies.

MIMA’s founder, Mr. Mehmet IMAN, has seen issues during production and process of peanuts in industrial machines in solution he designed/invented automatic peanut shell breaking machine and shared his design with other nuts companies and contributed to the development of the sector.

MIMA Gida has established its facility in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 2001 quality norms in Nizip organized industrial zone, to help local producers and create new local jobs to help the community. During this process, AIB International and GIMDES Halal certificates have been procured.

MIMA Gida delivers peanuts that have been cleaned and have passed through all quality controls in vacuum packages of 25 kgs by door-to-door delivery of its customers’ facilities.

MIMA Gida has already made all the investments to produce all types of nuts to reach directly sell to retail stores with its own packaging and brand by 2015’s 4th quarter. The retail products with MIMA’s new brand SANCEZ will be processed without any human contact starting from its branch till it reaches the customers.