Environment Policy

MIMA fullfills its obligations under environmental legislation and for this purpose received “Environmental Permit”. In order to develop itself in this manner, special environment-oriented training is given to its workers and partners to increase the promote environmental awareness and:

  • to uphold all the legislations, the regulations and other stipulations that adher to the environment and to the environmental policies;
  • to improve those policies and activities inline with appropriate institutions by being open to inspections;
  • to use the natural resources as efficient as possible and to make sure to recycle and to recover of those resources;
  • to minimize the waste that is created by the companies activies by recycling, recovery and reducing the waste at source and if this is not possible then to destroy the waste in a way that wouldn’t contaminate the environment;
  • to declare its environmental performance to be transparent, correct and measurable.
  • to take into account all environmental, social and economic factors while taking administrative decisions for the company;
  • to create an environmental management system and applications with an environmental management culture to increase the environmental awareness amongst its employees;
  • to inspect and to control the environmental effects of its activities periodically;
  • to help the work on the protection of global sources and their efficient use;
  • to determine new goals for its environmental policy for constant development.